Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Other Bob Dillon

There are times when I wonder how it is possible that the son of two high school graduates that didn't find success in college could be in the position that I'm in today. The easy answer is that there were great teachers, coaches, and mentors along the way, which may be true, but I wonder if there were a few moments along the way that truly turned things for the better. Was it my college choice? (Drury would say yes.) Was it the night that I went home when my friends made different decisions? Was it a decision to study for a test instead of playing video game? Was it a conversation with a stranger that added empathy and perspective? I'll never know the answer whether it was the totality of my actions or whether there were truly a few pivotal moments, but I hope that my girls are on the right side of these leverage moments when the time comes. I mention all of this as my students are wrapped into their study of the book, The Other Wes Moore. Below is Wes Moore talking about some of his experiences.

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