Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lead...Don't Manage

In these days of the fourth quarter when everyone is looking for ways to check things off the list and get things done, it is often a difficult time to lead as a principal. These are the times when new ideas and new conversations are lost in a wilderness of work. It is the perfect time though to watch a video like the one below to remember what is possible and to refocus our eyes onto "the basics" of education. Enjoy the brilliance of Sir Ken Robinson.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Five for Friday- Links and Resources

Ready to build your Professional Learning Network, read this....

Would anyone find it helpful to have technology integration resource page like this for our students, teachers, and parents?

As we get ready to redouble our training efforts in the area of cooperative learning, it is worth noting that cooperative learning is truly a research-based strategy for growing students. See link.

Defining Moments is approaching....great collection of digital storytelling resources

Being one of the only 1:1 schools in the area can be lonely. What can we learn from Maine and their work as a state in this area?

Get in the Game

This is the type of citizenship that I would like to build in my students. I hope that our April 13, school-wide service project is one step in this direction. Enjoy this short motivational TED talk that speaks about being an everyday hero.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Five for Friday- Links and Ideas

Incredible Data Sets for Social Issues....
This site makes data come to life for kids.

This site looks at the education data in an easy to use way....

TED Talks for just Education is launched; which one of our students will be the first to have their own TED talk

Spent is a social justice game simulation that helps students understand the tough circumstances that so many face that have caused them to be homeless and in need of outside assistance. The game uses scenarios that are true to life and shows students how each decision that they make has consequences. Spent would be a great game for students to play in an economics or social studies class.

This seems like a great enrichment project for our top learners.