Thursday, September 6, 2012

Research and Design Center

I was recently in our newly labeled Research and Design Center and picked up the Richard Adams novel, Watership Down. In this book, the main character, Fiver uses a term hrair to mean many or an uncountable amount. I think this might be the correct term for the turn out at our first Adventure Club. Even now students are out on their first adventure that the rabbits of Watership Down would call narn! I was thinking about language and communication as I continued to browse in our RDC. When it is 105 degrees in September this is a great place to spend time! I stumbled upon another interesting book about our great state of Missouri. I am not sure who wrote it, but its reference number was either 977.8 MEY C.1 or C2. There was an interesting section on the history of what Missourians used to call boodle. It is interesting how every generation has new words to communicate the ideas of their time. I wonder if we could use this term to describe any current phenomena. (More details about this post soon)

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