Saturday, September 1, 2012

64 Steps

There are 64 steps from the cafeteria to the classrooms at my school and each August, we hear students after student complain about the climb to the top. It is my unofficial obesity meter in my school. This year was an average year with lots of students asking when we were putting the escalator in and saying things like, "I can't make it." My common response is that every moment of every day is physical education here. The students groan, and they make their way off to class. I'm glad that we are on the fourth floor as it allows our kids to burn just a few more calories each day. All of those stairs along with the fact that all of our kids are involved with a quarter one swimming program everyday as part of physical education sends the message that healthy students achieve more, and that we are dedicated to building healthy minds and bodies. The infographic below stresses the importance of building a healthy school.

Source: via Larry on Pinterest

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