Saturday, July 5, 2014

Moving On- The Trophies

There has been a box in my basement that was due to go. Sandy has been asking me when the old trophies were going to go for a long time. Inside the box was an incredible amount of trapped memories. I was amazed how much rushed back as I unwrapped each trophy and gripped it with pride for the final time. Emily was there for most of it. It was fun to have someone to bear witness to the event. I realized how many had dates like 1985 and 1986. My parents gave so freely for my success during those important years. There are a few specific stories from the trophy box that will be a part of the Moving On series in the near future. I do have to say though that it feels good to have digital memories of those items that I'm releasing from my physical world.


  1. I deconstructed and rebuilt a lot of trophies. Think about passing them along to local coaches who could recycle them into some motivating awards. And the ghost of those memories live on.

  2. Isn't it interesting how those trophies still mean something to us after all these years? Well, maybe not the trophies themselves. Those get cast aside, but we hold on to what the trophies represent--what they say about us as competitors.

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