Saturday, March 1, 2014

Next Goal Wins

Not all failure is bad failure. In the best scenario, failing forward brings growth, but there is cousin to this type of failure that eats at the core of a school culture. Removing this type of failure can be a very difficult task for teachers, students, and schools. Eroding cultural failure can become part of the DNA of a learning ecosystem. Even though this corrosive failure wasn't there in the beginning for a student, a classroom or a school, this type of failure is a crafty devil that slips into the equation in moments of weakness. It is born in the language surrounding learning. It is born with what we say and don't say to parents and the community. It is even born in our inability to let go of the things that aren't working for kids. Shifting this inertia takes courage by all involved in the ecosystem. It takes a vision for doing things different as opposed to doing things better. It takes a long-term commitment to growth to exorcize the evils of failure from an organization's DNA. In the video, Next Goal Wins, seen below, there is a great example of a culture of failure coming to a close. We can learn from this video as we attempt to transform the learning spaces that surround us. Enjoy the video. Let's score the next goal together for kids.


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  1. I want to see this film (and I love the connection you made).