Monday, March 24, 2014

Another Bright Spot on the Educational Landscape

I am always looking for fresh ideas and success stories in education. They are everywhere. Pockets of excellence throughout the country that are buried in the mountain of stories surrounding schools as place of failure. By listening to my connected learning allies, I continue to uncover gems in education. The latest was the Making Community Connections (MC2) Charter School. It is amazing to see how they are using the QED Transformational Change Model in such a deep way to build a vision and mission for excellence.

Is it that time of the year for you when the tank is empty, and you are longing for something different, something better for students? Begin looking for bright spots. They are like that moment when the sun hits our skin in the spring and the world feels right again. Find a new school this week. Dream about the place that you would want to work in a perfect world or the school that you would want your kids to attend. It is probably out there in some shape or form. Pursuing learning from that space.


  1. I had that opportunity this weekend Bob by attending Edcamp Omaha!

    Fired up again!

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