Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Learning Community

The Maplewood Richmond Heights community is in a golden era as a learning community. Every family is looking for a way to contribute to the growth of our kids. There isn't a sense that hard work of teaching is someone else's job, and it is a great time to be leading this army of caring. Recently, a group of MRH parents took on a twelve-week program to help girls with self-esteem and fitness known as Girls on the Run. It is a national program with a huge presence in Saint Louis. The culminating event is a 5K run in Forest Park. I had a chance to be in the audience for the run (which rarely happens), and the pride and energy of these elementary aged girls running their first 5K was amazing. I should also mention that my wife was in the core of the coaching team for this event, and I couldn't be more proud of the work that she did with this group. Thank you to the organizers, and the many volunteers at MRH and throughout Saint Louis for continuing to embrace the responsibility for learning that we have as a community.

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