Thursday, May 26, 2011

Five for Friday- Final Edition

Final Friday, Final Five
I hope something from these weekly updates added to your professional growth and development.
More starting again August 19.

As we search for stronger communication with our parents, I found this idea, not sure it is for everyone, but I thought that I would share.

Here is a really good editorial piece on education.

This seems like it has potential for getting important educational ideas in folks hands each week.

Seem like we should be getting our students connected to more podcasts through their iTunes that are quick learning opportunities. Ted Talks, 60-second science, and this link could easily become a part of homework or as a Do Now.

Reflection is so important for students and adults. This presentation does a nice job frame the importance. Could be a great opening piece for kids when you talk about why the processes and procedures are built in your classroom.

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