Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Closing Up Shop

It has been amazing how long it has taken for me to clean my way out of six years of stuff in my office. I've never had a clean office, but my desk is organized when I leave each day. I have been working on it since March, going drawer by drawer, shelf by shelf, and we have reached the last day of school, and I can say that I am packed. There have been a number of odd feelings over the last few weeks, but overall I remain excited, optimistic, and energy-filled about my move. I realize that I won't be moving away from issues as they will be the same core issues with different faces and maybe at times greater volume. I realize that I'm blessed to have a job, and to have a job that I love. I am also grateful for the wonderful people both adults and kids that have filled my life during my tenure in Kirkwood. At 3 p.m. tomorrow, I will be ready to dive head first out the door, but my well-seasoned patience that I have built over the last year will need to serve me for just one more month. Tape the boxes, throw away the is time to close up shop.

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  1. Losing the time to bounce ideas off of you that I take so much for granted will cause me to have a tough road ahead. Learning on my own without a shepherd to guide me and ask the difficult and unpleasant questions will stifle my growth and development as a leader. Will it stop me? Heck no. Will you be missed? Without a doubt! I wish you the best in your new endeavor!