Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Learning over Break

Are we promoting physical fitness in our 1:1 environment? Some thoughts are the importance of the balance.

The Digital Media Learning Research Hub has some incredible videos to promote thinking and learning.

We are always looking for grants that fit our dreams and passions. This seems like a great clearinghouse.

Research about the power of moving schools to more intrinsic motivation continues to overwhelm me in a positive way. Here is another piece on the topic.

Does authentic assessment produce better quality data that minimizes cheating? Great thoughts in this article.

Higher Order Thinking Strategies and Tools seem like they were an educational wave that should have taken more of us with them. These research-based ideas can add to cooperative learning, reflective learning, and project based learning.

How do we connect kids with the concept of compassion. This TED talk attempts to start the conversation.

Free lesson plans surrounding Common Core standards.

Is there a way for us to do asynchronous digital citizenship or does it require community conversation?

This is some stretch curriculum ideas for middle school, but it would be perfect for a high school economics classroom. Make economics come to life through these videos.

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