Thursday, August 1, 2013

Caring Too Much about Kids

Are we approaching a time in education when we care too much about kids? At some point, we have to think a bit more about ourselves, our happiness, and our families. There just isn't enough time in the day to care this much about kids. It is tiring. It is exhausting, and we aren't being supported by families, the community or our democracy. 

Maybe we can pull back 10-15%. Spend all of that time on a new hobby, relax or binge another show on Netflix. Pulling back the amount that we care about kids would be healthy for me, my family, and my larger ecosystem. 

If I pulled back a bit further, I may have time to write that book that has been in my head for a decade or more. It would give me time to decompress and leave work at work. It would also allow me some distance from my kids to gain some greater perspective, stop making emotion-driven decisions, and hit the reset button. 

It is easy to care too much. You get sucked in, and you don't even know it. Twenty years later no one will reward you for caring about other people's kids, but a large section of your life will be lost. It truly does make sense to pull back, way back, and rethink whether or not we can do this education thing in a more high tech way without the high touch piece that is destroying people and robbing them of the balance that everyone needs. 

It is clearly time to care a little less about kids, and leave this education thing to those that are deranged enough to care. 

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