Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Logic of Running

I ran a lot this week, more than normal for me. I felt like I needed to do something for the runners, fans, and families that experienced the week long tragedy in Boston. I knew that there was a running community, but it truly is felt in times like these. I'm a fairly solitary runner. It is my think time, my chance to notice the little things. On race days, there is something different about running. There is an energy, a buzz, and sense that we are all doing something greater than we expected just days, weeks, or a few years ago. I'm proud to call myself a runner. I hope that my pain as a runner this week in some way relieved the pain for someone suffering in Boston. I know that there will be a moment in a training run or a big race when the wind of the running community will be at my back also.

(There is something silly also about running, especially marathons. Watch the video for what I mean.)

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