Monday, July 23, 2012

Five for Friday- Links and Ideas

During the school year, I get in the habit of pulling resources and ideas for my staff at Maplewood Richmond Heights Middle School. It is a way to inject new wisdom into the system, and ignite conversation surrounding learning and understanding. I usually cross-post  these into my blog, so that they can be shared with the larger community of educators. Here is the latest.

Can we help students become problem finders?

Great piece by the winner of the Ironman triathlon about her dedication to her mental training

I have been continuing to explore these Learning Routines from the folks at Harvard. 

Disconnect about technology between parent and kids. Read the numbers. 

Student voice is so essential. I really enjoyed reading this. 

Opportunities and Experiences are critical for our kids of poverty and all kids. Read More

Solving Bullying is reactive; Building Empathy is proactive. 

Still believe that we are underusing this incredible website. Socrative. 

Digital Citizenship doesn't grow on trees. It has to be taught and retaught. 

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