Monday, October 18, 2010

Technology Rich- Now Be Effective, Strategic, Amazing

This infographic places MRH Middle School's effort to empower students with technology in perspective. Each of our seventh and eighth grade students have a laptop computer that they can use 24-hours a day. Our challenge is to make this usage effective, strategic, and amazing.

Technology in the Classroom


  1. The statistic here which really scares me is the 37% of 12th grade students never using a computer for their school work. Seriously? What the hell are they learning about in school that even a simple Google search wouldn't be useful? Hello word processing at least? No wonder people complain about schools being irrelevant experiences for students.

  2. I agree we really don't force them to use computers, heck most teachers don't use computers. Aren't we doing them a big disservice by not helping them meet their own technology expectations?